Stretching: Being Directed By Director ‘peeling’, Lab Side Of Lab Affirmed Not Stealing Ideas

The Vietnamese showbiz has more 'drama' when director Khuong Vu Dang 'peeling' peeling 'leather group Lab because he has abused and despised the else's gray matter. Through the Lab Lab Group "No appointment to meet" is identical to the product where the group ordered the previous director. He said he had repeatedly contacted Lab skin but did not receive feedback, representing this group Only "Seen" made him pressing and decided to publicly stories to the public. Director Khuong Vu added, because of the way of working lack of professionalism, lack of his colleague of Lab, so this will be a group that falls into his "blacklist". The director of Khuong Vu reminds the name LA LAB inside My article

. The director of director Khuong Vu is as follows: "Send Da Lab, please stop abuse and despise the gray of others. Don't have this kind of calling this person others on the script idea MV for you to finish shouting people to wait. Done you to find me and then criticize the other person, but you still collect those or good ideas to tell me and I am also a similar victim then
.. . Make a script also suffering as you do a song. People put you as a music, you can send people and people IM always think. Or how you or record the phone calls To protect yourself when needed. My company also has a camera, pictures and sounds that are still clear when I present the script idea for you. MV doesn't know how to see the teaser. G Ideas .
. "Shaping the music group in the project Wideware. After the article was posted, two members of Da Lab are rabbits and scratches have appeared, leaving the above-mentioned attractions . Accordingly, the rabbit said he couldn't contact Khuong Vu, so he would use MXH to show up. He affirmed that Da Lab did not steal the idea, because many times asked about the product but Khuong Vu was silent so the new group found a new ethop to do it. When the MV prepares to be released, Khuong Vu has a response. I have a response. If you speak "Peeling", how do I look back at the process of working, the group has experience, not sharing One-way easily misleading Mistiffs of Lab Lab Member when being "sealed" famous male director. Male director quickly responded with a more complete conversation. Specifically Khuong Vu asked the opponent to do the MV not because he left the drum for this project, but Da Lab said it was not financially arranged, not to mention the question of the message. Khuong Vu shared. Vu is the young director talented, behind the success of the famous MV series like the crazy, Hong Kong 1, La La La ... currently "drama" steals the gray of Lab and Dao Khuong Vu show is still fluttering on social networks. Many people wonder if this is a promotional trick, because only a few days MV wake up will be released. Phuong Phuong (General) according to FBNV

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