Strictly Handle Securities Companies Violating The Provision Of Corporate Bond Services

The State Securities Commission will organize inspection and inspection on the provision of services of securities companies related to corporate bonds and strictly handle violations according to law provisions. Is the emphasis of the State Securities Commission in the document recently sends securities companies to remind companies to comply with Decree 153/2020 / ND-CP. The Planning of the State Securities Commission ( SSC) said the corporate bond market (TPDN) has a strong growth, contributing to the development of capital markets and stock markets. However, the TPDN market has also appeared some phenomenon of offering, distribution and transfer of ownerships not in accordance with the provisions of, to develop the market of TPDN in the direction of safety and sustainability and at the same time prevent the potential risks of this market, the SSC requires securities companies to ensure strict compliance with the NTD 153/2020 / ND-CP dated December 31, 2020 of the Government prescribed Regarding offering, private TPDs transactions in the domestic market and offering TPDN to the international market

. Accordingly, the securities company must strictly comply with the implementation of consulting services for bonds offering; service of professional securities investors; Bidding services, guarantees, bond issuers; Service of registration, depository and transfer of bonds. Therefore, the SSC requires securities companies to strictly comply with the reporting regime in Circular 122/2020 / TT-BTC and report regimes According to the provisions of Decree 153/2020 / ND-CP. Also in this document, the SSC, said it would organize inspection and inspection on the provision of services of securities companies related to TPN and Treatment Rehearsing violations according to the provisions of law
Information with TBTCV reporter, leaders of the SSC, said that the development of the TPDN is a positive point for the market, at the same time, this will be the trend. of the next time. However, in order for this market to develop more sustainably, it is necessary to identify potential risks and strengthen more suitable solutions, including legal completion, supervision, inspection, as well as Promote information and propaganda. "Recently, Minister of Finance Ho Duc Pha has a document directing the functional units under the Ministry to strengthen the inspection and supervision of corporate bonds . Therefore, with its roles and functions, the SSC will further strengthen in inspection and supervision in this regard. We will strictly handle and handle if securities companies to cause a mistake "- Representative of the Leaders of the Social Securities SSC. Duy Thai

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