Strong Air Buffer Rocket Ship Prepares To Return To The Black Sea Fleet

The strong air bumper Bora of the Black Sea Fleet is being repaired at the No. 13 Shipbuilding Factory in Sevastopol began experimenting on the sea. The gas reached the sea for the first time after 6 years, conducting the necessary tests. Bora-class air buffer rocket will soon return to the combat component of the Black Sea Fleet. The source of the message does not indicate how long the ship's testing in the sea will last, but stressed that the business was tasked with bringing the ship back to the combat component of the Black Sea Fleet on the day of Hai Russian army, ie on July 25, 2021

.Not excluding the possibility in the near future, the buffer missile ship when the second class - the Samum will also return to the black sea fleet, the ship is also being fixed Cure at Shipbuilding Factory No. 13. It is known that the missile guards running on the buffer when the 1239 "SIVUCH" project is now named Bora the first in the series of 2 ships shown at Zelenodolsk Shipyard
The second ship in this series is Samum. The Sivuch joined the Fleet on February 14, 1990 with MRK-27; It was renamed Bora in 1992. About the specifications, ships have a full load of 1,050 tons of water, 850 tons standards. 65.6 meters length, width 17.2 meters, 3.3 meters away. Maximum speed of 55 knots / hour. A range of 2,500 knots if running at a speed of 12 nautical miles / hour, or 800 nautical miles at 45 nautical miles / hour. The color can operate on the 10-day sea
68 people crew, including 9 officers, 24 guards. Armed by the Bora layer air cushion with 2 anti-flagtic rocket launches 3M-80 Moskit (8 missiles), 2 launchers Fire Non-Short-range OSA-M (20 missiles), 1 Nuon Cannon 76 mm AK-176, 2 AK-630 high-speed aircraft firecrackers 30 mm. Linh (TH)

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