Strong School Reveals The Dialogue Of His Mind Who Wants To Put Into The ‘feet Of Friendship’ But Forgot

After he was born (Vo Hoai Nam) was dug with the past, the whole family (strong school) all relaxed in the South (Phuong Oanh) in the 'Flavor "part 2 episode 51.0: 00/2: 43 NAMNAM (Phuong Oanh) and Mr. Sinh (Vo Hoai Nam) in trouble in the faithful flavor Part 2 episodes 51. Because Thy (Thu Quynh) hired people to block the road, cursing and "peeling" the past Each murder of his birth. The result of many people who see a male father and son of Long is to take the phone to turn to the view

. The story of the killer daughter murder and daughter The victim with the wealthy family strawberries to become the focus of netizens. This caused him to be born continuously to be bothered for men and saw an error when it affects the reputation of the company and his husband's family. So, Mr
Khang (Trinh Mai Nguyen) is not only responsible but also motivated, Aspect the husband's house is also male home. He also suggested to buy another larger house for his father and son of Long for comfort but men refused. Long, for the investigator of the case and handle all the people who are bothering him. That, he also loves the way to sond for his wife to eat because he previously did not dare to eat rice with her husband's house. Long also confessed that herself sat on the table but did not eat well because his wife was hungry. This emotional scene caused Netizen to be afraid that "Shark" Long is the "husband of people in the legend". Strong schools are also very excited about this sweet movie scene. However, he still has a regret: "The other side of eating forgot to forget the loss of dialing is" going to eat cow 2 bare eggs ". Muong Oanh Funny re follows Mr. Xinhang:" Youth Only lurking to insert the sentence in the voice that finally forgot
"This passionate voice of strong school originates from a challenge in the weekend appointment program that he and Phuong Oanh joined. Both had to play one Situard with a series of dialogues is built based on the keywords that the program gives. The result of "Shark Long" and "South Sauses" has a legendary controversy around hunger and cooking. Tears told tears with strong schools: "It is true that beef is important but compared to blanched egg noodles, it is nothing. It's actually after all, coming to both bulliasticks, I still have anything. "The situation ended with a tight hug of the school for Phuong Oanh. Funny cooperation of strong school and Phuong Oanh Social networks. Posts, comments joked together by actors Film Film Love on social networks Helping the stressful air of the film circuit is cleared and the audience's film waiting time also becomes animal Person More. In the flavor of part 2 episodes 52 will broadcast at 21:00 tonight (October 8) on VTV1, the South will have to worry about detecting the wound on the father. Besides, she It also faces the stressful confrontation with the Bride Miss Thy (Thu Quynh). When Nam asked why Thy hated her, I received the answer: "I never hid this. Because of all that doesn't happen in my life there is her appearance. "Tue LamTheo photo cuts from the clip

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