Strongity, Proactive: ‘golden Key’ Overcome All Difficulties

Instead of panic, collecting themselves, dodging before the pandemic, join the confrontation, the variable cannot become able to, convert the risk of muscle. Valance the meaning of individuals, businesses, Looking forward to spreading this spirit to everyone. We definitely not be the last target person that has been nearly 2 years, the world faces Covid-19

. It can be said that we are living in the most difficult days of all humanity. Pandemic Covid- 19 is raging worldwide and in both Vietnam. The translation is no one wants
But how we receive and face what is the right to be in our hands. Because of hiding, collecting themselves, spread the brave spirit of cope, pushing back Covid-19. Avoid like ostriches taking their heads to the sand, or the area up strongly as the desert brocade when he was in danger? All is the decision of each individual, organization, is our own decision, quotes the steel claims of the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Pham Thanh Hung at the event activation event "Home Now For Vietnam Stronger "with more than 4,000 CBNV Cen Group (later called CEN) on September 2, 2021.In history of nearly 20 years of formation and development, CEN has many objective crises. But every pass, Cen became stronger, more robust, and rise to new heights. Since then, the business community and newspapers call Cen is an immature enterprise from the crisis. The overside of its own path of development, the same in the same risk, in this survival race, desires despite difficulties and challenges that make the world wobble, we also strongly confronted as the contents of the desert, so that no one is left, but certain is not the one The final destination
It is also a strong message Want to send it very in the most scale campaign in 2021 - "Home Now for Vietnam Stronger", for a Hung Cuong Vietnam, healthy.Home Now - I stay at home ... "Home Now "- 2 words but multi-meaning, more than the name of a program," HOME NOW FOR VIETNAM STRONGER "also spreads positively, arouse the strong inherently exist in the internal force every person. Fairy, with realistic ways to stretch the way, "Home Now" means that they are at home, we are at home for their own health, for safety of society. With the conscious community, "HOME NOW" also means that the call for all people stay at home, strictly abide by 15-16 indicators. Who is there, every individual is a soldier, every family, the agency is a fortress. Going to the house is patriotic. "Home Now" also means going home. The house is the place where family reunion, is a peaceful house, which is always the desire to return to the back, hurry, hard ... in the technology time, we also easily notice buttons / icons Used the most is the Home button, ie return to the homepage, so that the orientation and with more than 90 million Vietnamese people, at an optimistic house, meaning and creating a miracle. At home meaning at home, "Home Now" is also a strong call for spiritual spirit, will work at home. This is also the way we cope with challenges strongly and fiercely. Despite distance, distant but constantly labor. Time of technology 4.0 is the development of telecommunications infrastructure, the whole world is even only in a smartphone. Do so, with static electronic devices, we can easily meet many dongs career, partner, customer, can go in many places and do many unimaginable things. In the real estate sector, "Home Now for Vietnam Stronger" promotes the buying behavior of customers who need to stay, because the house is where they realize that the security factor is extremely important; For investors, this is a golden opportunity, a safe and efficient investment channel. "Home Now for Vietnam Stronger" lasts from September 2, 2021-15, 10/2021. In addition to the meaning of promoting the spirit, pushing high will through all difficulties, challenges, Home Now for Vietnam Stronger also gave customers many meaningful gifts. Accordingly, successful transaction customers through will have the opportunity to win a apartment worth VND 1.8 billion, a lot of land worth VND 800 million, ... and many attractive gifts. For each successful transaction, also contributes VND 5 million for the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic. Customers Learn Details Program Home Now for Vietnam Stronger, please see at: HTTPS: / / Diamond sponsors accompany the program: C-SKY VIEW (C-SKY VIEW (C-HOLDINGS), Binh Minh Garden (CTĐT: Cen Invest), Louis City Hoang Mai (CĐT: Ancient Company Hoang Mai Urban Development Investment section), Happy One Central (CDT: Van Xuan Real Estate Group) .bao Anh

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