Students ‘stuck’ The Days Of Distance: Optimistic Waiting For The End Of The Translation

Since Hanoi made a social way of socializing, many foreign students could not return to his hometown, accidentally "stuck 'in the capital. Many of them encountered many difficulties, they must find ways to manage in the episodes. Fun in the house in the room is less than 20 m2 in the village of the ring (Dich Vong Hau - Cau Giay), Nguyen Van Nam and Nguyen Hoang Anh (the first year of Hanoi University of Education) are only around the laptop and mobile phone. Male said that the whole month, two people only take turns to grocertically and supermarkets right under the house to buy items, but don't dare to go. "Our hometowns were in Nam Dinh and worked together in a cafe on To Hieu Street

. But since the translation has so far be a break, when there is a way to relax the way, it can't be returned to his hometown, so he has to stay here. Fortunately just below the inn grocerties and a mini supermarket so we are not afraid of lacking food, "Hoang Anh shared. From the ruthless village area, living also faces many difficulties: "There is a day to clean the cash in the person but it is impossible for ATM to withdraw money due to a latch, I have to transfer to Ms
grouper Thanks to her cash to give pepper. Also many days go to the market so late should run out of food, two take me to eat noodles for passing through meals ".No lucky, Âu Tuan Anh (the final year student of the press and propaganda) is currently renting Inn of Yen Lac Street (Vinh Tuy Ward - Hai Ba Trung) has many troublesome troubles when many days have not been able to buy food. Tuan Anh said: "Because I have just moved to rent here, I have not been temporarily resided, so I have a way, so I don't have a market to go to the market as people. While at the beginning of the lane, there was a control pin, it was impossible to go out to buy clothes she had to eat stored noodles for several days. It is very difficult to watch people out of people outside the market to buy help ". Located the days of stretching the way Duc Cuong (the first year of the University of Social Sciences

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