Study Billionaire Warren Buffett Teaches Children With Practical Actions Instead Of Talking

Ready to go most of its giant comforts, but Billionaire Warren Buffett is still confident that he gives them the most precious thing. Just this principle, a illiteracy can also be successful.02 / 1: 57 namwarren Buffett is the most famous investor in the world, his conception has changed a lot of people. Before becoming a billionaire, he understood more than anyone he had to act. So he was very attentive in learning

. His girl was a proud girl and was very confident in herself. In a party, she showed off with Buffett that she would become the best and greatest painter in the future and would make your parents proud. When that, Buffett was not happy to praise the girl and asked her : So can you tell you some of the excellent works that I have seen? And explain, analyze content inside! As a result, the daughter who didn't answer made Buffett very angry, so he chased him to go to his room to replenish their things to do and said, "Don't think I will become when I haven't done anything
" Buffett educates daughters in this way, and he also makes a mirror with practical actions instead of talking and dreaming. The work of each person cannot separate effort, and only those working hard Can become the champion standing on the highest podium. Buffett successfully because he spends his time to do instead of talking.Buffett is also very important to educate children. He said: "If you give them enough money and let them do whatever they want, it will cause them to do anything to do anything. And the most precious thing I can leave your child more valuable All existing properties are the experience of my life ". When you have trouble, Buffett will use its experience and wisdom to give them advice. He often tells some short stories, through which kids can understand some truths. A author summarizes his letters on how to solve the problem and teaching methods to compose a book " Lifetime tips for Buffett's daughter ". There are a total of 56 tips in the book about areas such as behavior, life, personality, careers and wealth

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