‘studying’ Variable Alloy Into Lovely Dolls, The Girl Was Phen ‘flying Souls “the Next Morning

HP's handmade doll made the net people laughed at the tears. Recently, the people are hot and more a new trend is to turn the socks unused into cute dolls to Home decoration door, study desk, workplace or balcony ... How to do it is very simple, just prepare 1 - 2 pcs socks, 1 little soil, 1 little seeds and needles only, pen is done

. After watching the instructions on the network, the HP girl excitedly embarked on making 2 dolls right away. After being done, HP is very happy, displaying them in your home window. But a bright wake up, she was lost, her soul girl when she saw his two dolls in the window
"After a night of the rain, this morning woke up to look at the feather doll growing around his face, My eyes, my cheeks all looked so disgusting not. The second day to see the si and a multi-hearted child, but my heart also missed a beat. The third day, my heart still fell some beat when I saw 2 children It, however, this blue hair grows a little higher, and the mother of the face is slightly flashy, the high ability is sunburn? On the 4th day, as every day he wakes up, I also follow the hour frame 10h30p morning. I have a smile off the balcony to breathe, of course not to forget to visit "2 children" that I don't want to receive this. Just after seeing 2 kids, the house is turned on Right the music "The smile was turned behind behind the tears". There are no trolls! If you want to whisper something that you don't understand? I probably don't want to stay with you again, so I would like to cede anyone who needs it. But from feeding them, my nature is a fear of death, so I'm afraid I haven't died because of the epidemic, died of hunger and died because of my heart attack when I saw them every day. Thursday, last night Rain, 2 children fell freely down to the first floor, so they looked disgusting, "HP girl updated every day his handmade dolls. The girl's post quickly received the attention of the people with the people Nearly 5,000 interactions, more than 1,000 comments and dozens of sharing. Most people are laughing at the same time when they witnessed the burning side without using the "threatening" dolls of HP 2 days 3 days 5 days The network shared that, when this movement was hot on social networks they also wanted to try to do it but since witnessing the girl's "threatening" doll, everyone was "spinning the car" fold
The screen of this doll, I was originally trying to try but fear like this should give up the idea. - It looks more frightening than Annabelle.- You can keep it 5 days a healthy heart, look out of soul! at the outdoor To that, let it out in the house, the two dolls are not so pathetic! - The doll of people done lovely, dolls she looks like a hide.

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