Stumbling On ‘strange Meaty’, The Boy Falls Back Up With The Treasure

While walking in a mountain and a friend, the boy accidentally stumbled a strange shape stone, identical to 'Beef Department' so brought back. It turned out, he was really 'fell' into a treasure in the sky. After getting closer and holding strange objects in his hand, he knew it was a stone that looks special. This stone is not only special colors that its surface is lumpy, not smooth like these Common stone type. That nodules look like small berries ranked chieves together

. After asking a review specialist, the stone is determined to be a form of grape agate stone or grape agate. Agate stone loses about 50 million years to form and grow. Their root rocks are determined to have the earliest formation of Eon Archean
The grape brain is actually Chalcedony stone with small spherical crystals connected naturally together. Each left "grape" has a diameter of two to eight mm, the surface is not smooth. The color can be from dark or white. Sometimes people find green specimens. The darker color is preferred and higher than the purple brain is usually found in the area of 25 square kilometers in the dangerous mountains, with dense forests covered, north of Manakarra quarters on the island Sulawesi of Indonesia. There are face in the market since 2016, grape agate rocks are popular because of its special appearance and incredible uses. The grape agate is said to promote stable inside the muscle Can, help people calm and mature. Besides, they also have good effects for sleep. Chalcedony in silica dioxide quartz group with very smooth crystal shaft structure, mostly used in all time. With high hardness, durable and smooth surface after polishing, it is used a lot in jewelry making or both decorative products
The most valuable stones have strong color saturation and pieces of thick pieces Special in high translucent or almost transparent levels can also be grinding into stone surfaces used in chains or face rings. Chalcedony has most different colors. Normally it will be white to gray, gray green or some brown colors, sometimes reaching almost black. It has so many colors that are due to the result of metal impurities (such as iron, nickel, bronze And Titan) is in the process of crystallizing. You can watch videos: beautiful natural scenery in the world's fewest countries. Source: VTC. Dung Dung (T.H)

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