Stunned By Que Van To Regain The Body ‘fiery’ After 1 Month Of Birth

Recently, Que Van caused many people to show off their body sexy with two-piece bikini, after less than 1 month of birth. In Hanoi. Baby weighs 3.7 kg, born by birth methods, named at home is Wu. Only postpartum less than 1 month, the curve and the sexy body of the mother of Cinnamon Milk Members caused many viewers Failed to jealous because she regained her super-speed figure

. The postpartum weight seemed to be afraid of many women but with Que Van, it didn't seem any difficulty. Many Milk Bimbers asked the secret of beautifying the former supermodel to apply according to the revealed, she had decreased by 10kg after birth and returned to the weight of the weight as a pregnant time. Birth of 3 children is not impregnated with too much fat dishes, meals need more green vegetables and lean meat
Many people compliment quickly and motivate showing pictures so Que Van face bikini and selfie Home makers. Van also said, during pregnancy, she worked hard to exercise with a healthy diet, so after birth, it was very easy for boys. Because of experienced in two births in front of Que Van, Que Van did not face many difficulties in this third time. Here few days, the image of Que Van carries a wrong son and standing in the sunshine of the sunshine They criticize. However, Que Van said he was not too concerned, she understood and would do the best for me. After nearly 1 month of birth, her waist was not completely like girls but was more neat A lot of readers watching videos "hazards using weight loss food on the network". Source: VTV24.

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