Stunned The Oldest Jewelry Warehouse In The World: 150,000 Years Old

An invaluable jewelry has just been excavated at the cave in the western Morocco, marking the special evolution of the human 9: 00/1: 33 namngien rescued in Science Advances "released" Many jewelry particles dating back 142,000 - 150,000 years ago. Those are prehistoric sea shells, stored in a cave where ancient people have died. The shells were excavated in Morocco - Photo: Science AdvancesTheo Acient Origins, studied combined Morocco National Institute of Heritage and Science and Archaeological Science and Arizona University (USA) took 4 years to excavate BizMoune Hang, 16 km from the Atlantic bank. A total of 33 beads with snail shells, quite well sizes (more than 1 cm) were discovered. All were in the heart showed that the ancient people string them into bracelets or necklaces

. According to Dr. Steven Kuhn from Arizona University, the head of research, this is only the floating part of the ice See the characteristics of ancient people. The use of their jewelry is like us today: to be beautiful when going to the street
This shows that they are very interested in communicating with larger communities, outside the family and close friends. All are selected and carefully manipulated - Photo: Science Advances Men's Warehouse It is identified as our direct ancestors - Homo sapiens. They belong to a class of people called Aterian, modern surgery, which are the first people who have developed the ability to make weapons and stone tools in a great way compared to the previous system, live by hunting Large-grassy animals in North Africa and exploiting marine resources. Before that, some shells were crafted similarly to the "new" dullier a little discovered in the North and southern Africa . The previous record was 130,000 years.

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