Stunned The Pyramid ‘crowned’ Super Volcano Intact After 1,500 Years

The excavation in El Salvador shone an unexpected Maya pyramid where the unexpected place, built with the main material to threaten their civilization.0: 00/1: 48 namtheo acient origins , the pyramid was built in the locality heavily affected by the largest volcanic eruption in Central America for the past 10,000 years. Huge pyramid, 22 meters high located in the ZapotIt Valley, near San Andrés.Kim Ancient Village Maya Pyramid has just been excavated - Photo: College Coloradotheo Heritage Daily, this ancient village has been buried by thick ash And hot stone materials after the eruption in 539 after Cong Nguyen, where capital is only 40 km from the volcano. It does not have a direct lava burning but inevitably the rain of ashes from super volcanoes

. The spray in this made the earth cold significantly and turned the valley into a dead land. But the Mayan was back, like a warrior. The study led by Professor Archeology Akira Ichikawa from the University of Colorado (USA) said the Mayan began to start the pyramid for about 5-30 years after the eruption, after the hot stone materials and Ash layer Real image of the intact structures inside and 3D maps of both works - Photo: Colorad University Using the ash and cold stones from volcanoes, mixed with land, they built background The firm nail for the pyramid is named Campana, precisely designed in Maya pyramid style
They may take several decades to build pyramids. The deeper tests below the volcanic dust ash insisted that it was only built after the disaster by before super volcanic eruption, where there was no construction structure. By year 620, Loma volcano way That 6 km continues to erupt, the pyramid continues to be "upgraded" and become massive. Excavation has revealed the intact and solid details of the pyramid, including stairs and those The underground path is intact even though has been devastated after 1,500 years. Under the sacred pyramid ball, the villagers have gradually returned to the valley and live there until their civilization collapses. Letters

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