Stunned With The Current Appearance Of ‘thuy Thuy’ Tung Son

After years of disappearing, Tung Son unexpectedly returned to the aesthetic face Damaged.0: 00/1: 28 Nam Tung Son region was considered the famous "network phenomenon" with the same time. Tra Vinh boys are known for the clips of covering and singing with the ground, imagining pictures ..

. with the nickname "Thuy Te Princess. Painted by before. After a period of time Son seems to disappear from the social network
Recently, "The princess" Sung Son suddenly comeback on the platform Tiktok makes many people unexpected because of the new appearance. In the clip, the appearance of Tung Son changes much The unexpected person with the face showing signs of "downstream". It is known that, because it is not satisfied with the appearance, Tung Son has found aesthetic surgery many years ago. Son of the current. Currently, possession of nasal lives is still high but deviant, the face shadows and takes it all. The teeth have less than the "princess princess" became scary. "Really look Not to this legendary character, the appearance changed too much, "Oh celebrating the 1st time of 9x, the old days seeing it is funny", "must read the comment I just knew this is Tung Son always" .. . Are the comments of netizens
In 2017, when the cutlery, Tung Son was noticed with big round eyes very soulful, the high nose with a very serene face, harmony. The skin, not smooth the day before was replaced with white water so that the daughter had to rub. The mouth of the guy was more charming than before. Son when the cutlery was born in 2017. Son was born in 1995, was called by the Network community with the name "Thuy Tien Princess". Tung Son has a real name of lemon ny, the countryside in Tra Vinh, bringing in two Vietnamese blood and Cambodia. My MY: General

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