Su-24 Russia Disappointed Lithuania: Who Built A Clumsy Screen?

Russian experts said that Russia's propaganda causes disturbance of the NATO press conference in Lithuania is a clumsy scenic page.0: 00/4: 04 South Russian aircraft destroying the press conference in Litvat Thong Chau Europe on July 9 was confused about Russia's Su-24 Fencer front line bombers affected the press conference between Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and President Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda at the base Siauliai was in Lithuania and considered this "a permanent threat to this Baltic country" .Video at the press conference showed that the Eurofighter Typhoon of Spain in NATO was placed immediately behind his back Two leaders, like a lively background, are evidence for NATO's military presence in this Baltic country to protect the ally to foreign threats. Suddenly alarm rickets Up when President Nauseda is speaking. The pilots and technicians quickly ran to the position of two Typhoon Fighter fighters, while a officer to notify two leaders that there is a situation where "emergency export"

.Do emergency situation , the press conference was forced to interrupt. The podium speech and flags are quickly cleaned up, while officials and newspapers must leave the aircraft container for the Typhoon startup team and willing to take off.The prime minister Sanchez thank Quantity reacts quickly when the press conference continues
He said: "This prove that the presence of Spanish forces in Lithuania is right". About his part, President Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda said: "Our press conference has been interrupted by a love Actual case ". The Spanish communication adds that the discovery of Russian aircraft is one of the tasks of Spanish units in the NATO mission in this country. Spanish force will monitor the airspace of the Baltic Republic (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), because they do not have fighters. Lithuanian Andrius Dilda, Lithuanian defense spokesman said Tuong Six Russia take off from the Kaliningrad region to turn off the positioning device, does not notify the flight plan and does not maintain radio communications with regional traffic control centers. Military sources believe, Russia tried Love active warning due to the visit of Prime Minister Sánchez. There are no incidents of this type recorded in the last 18 days, but they often occur when European authorities visit or when NATO is conducting exercises. Money Bomber Bomber Su-24 Fencer Hms Defender's HMS Defender Battleship in the Black Sea The Russian Defense Department recently announced that the Su-24 Fencer aircraft of the country was accused of entering Lithuanian airspace and made the country immediately Flying, unknowingly interrupting the press conference of the Russian Defense Prime Minister, two Su-24 of the Baltic Fleet made a planning flight in the international heavenly region in the Baltic Sea. On July 8, these aircraft strictly comply with the rules of the use of airspace. Russian military experts also made their own comments on this event
According to Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov, this event is a clumsy staged drama to create an image of a rampant Russia, or bully others. "The story is inflated in this situation Played from a famous phenomenon, which is the mood of Russian post. This is a dangerous disease that has very serious consequences for the brain. Such events take place, even rotated and even Technical staff followed two speakers "- it seems that war is about to explode. He, the aircraft makes a live duty to load fuel and and equips weapons and will start when at risk. Usually the plane is arranged at a separate location and is tightly guarded. Therefore, it was strange that Nato held a press conference in such a dangerous place. He thought these are staged and layout the camcorder to deceive the public, with the aim of building the image of Russia "Intelliges" disrupt the peaceful press conference, then the Western media will continue to scratch that painting "- Mr. Alexei Leonkov said. I note that in this situation, the NATO army is not real Just a true evidence of Russian violations. In contrast, the Kremlin can provide evidence from the control systems that do not prove that Su-24 does not fly into the Lithuanian Litva area. It is stories that Russia invades their airspace, because he wants to continue the story in the Black Sea, when his HMS Defender destroyer violates the Russian Federation's territorial sea. What Lithuania is working is to distract the attention From his actions, they want to make sure Moscow is also violated.

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