Su-30mki Drops At The Same Time 26 Bombs, Horizontal Strength

Although designed to fight as a fighter, Su-30mki is still capable of bombing with super-bombing at the same time 26 bombs. Russia's AVIA has just posted a real Su-30mki aircraft image Curtain the target bomb screen, with the number of bombs dropped at the same time up to 26 fruits. Bombs are used to train with the Su-30MKI fighter mentioned above, supposed to be O ofab 250 - this is one In the cheapest and most effective bombs, equipped on Su-30 fighters. It's only 250 kg weight, the Su-30 fighter is completely capable of carrying dozens of bombs , giving them the ability to attack the ground accurately with very high intensity.Bom OFAB-250 is common bombs - meaning they are not able to find their own goals but only fall completely by Earth gravity

. However, the tail part of this bomb is specially designed, allowing them to fly according to orbit very stable, based on which pilots can deploy attack with high precision. Y Su-30mki fighter, this is a type of Russian fighter based on the legendary Su-30 version of this force. It is the current time, the main customer of Su-30mki fighter is air force India
This type of fighter is also considered the most modern fighter India who owns, despite the fact that the country has started bringing Rafale fighters to use.Theo design, Su-30MKI fighter will have The ability to bring up to 8.1 tons of all kinds of weapons, which include a variety of bombs, missiles or even cruise missiles. About theory, a maximum of this fighter can Bring up to 28 ofAB-250 bombs, even up to 32 fruits if the bomb ofAB-120 is possible to carry a large number of bombs, which will provide Su-30mki the ability to attack the ground. Effectively, with a vast damage radius, accompanied by very good maneuverability, helping it to avoid the opponent's room. Both Russia's Bombs are non-smart bombs, no mechanisms LED, the "carpeting" at the same time, will also help the target hit the target much higher than drop each fruit. Other versions of Su-30 fighters, such as version Su-30mk2 that Vietnam is department Huu, is supposed to be able to carry weapons, equivalent to the current Su-30mki version of India today. Photo source: Pinterest. Su-30MK2 SU-30MK2 injection scene practices real bullets, destroying assumptions. Source: QPVN

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