Subaru Legacy Ro Ga ‘landing’ On Toyota Camry

In the parking lot of a restaurant, the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon runs at a very high speed and unexpectedly leaned up on a bean-beans to Camry there at the time of: 00/1: 31 male A reddit user shows a red third-generation Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon (1999 - 2004) "Chop" on the Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2019) White. This person More information thought that the Subaru had an error when it ran at a very high speed and "landed" on the top of the Toyota. Luckily at the time of the accident there was no people around and no one inside the Camry car . Strangely, there are only tires, but there is no other damage.subaru Legacy goes up on the Toyota Camry according to the description of this incident, which is a home parking row

. After the collision, they entered the restaurant and loudly joked about what happened together. However, the restaurant waiter reminded the group of people to stop laughing, because the driver of the Subaru was sitting near them to eat breakfast and how to behave so rude. In when the Subaru seems to be only available Add a few scratches at the car and still drive normally, the less fortunate camry will definitely need a new barrier, bonnet and can replace the windshield (according to Carscoops ) Have you had a heart attack when driving? Please share videos, information to motorbike cars according to email: otoxemay@vietnamnet
vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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