This meals out to the bus stop, it doesn't see people who are acquainted, so it goes to the street of a brother, this brother, calling with his youngest, the fifty, small, black, black and a smile can not be more heavy more. Going to the car also five stories, saw him talking and happily, so you talked throughout the.0 game / 3: 21 narrays illustrated by the selected author. It's going to have a phone, taking the machine Alo Alo, I heard her youngest, but it seems that the other side says something small doesn't listen to it clearly, says, he rushed and said, don't run the phone, dangerous too father. Huveress the photo recalled

. A lot of cheeks, my cheek called something cheeks, I was carrying a passenger. Yes, Yes, Yell .
. Let the cheeks eat the porridge to hurry, any meals are free to visit the cheek. Going close to the photo where the phone has a regular phone, it is also the cheeks, and I know then my cheeks, I have a lot of care about my cheeks, leaving my cheeks to take care of the medicine, children carrying guests to wait , I knew then my cheek. It was so spoken, he was hospitable, talking to sweet cheeks, surely he was happy, his cheeks were modern, the phone gave his children well. Photo on a while, then told it. ... Having your cheeks, I didn't go two, I'm with her, who suddenly, don't have any cheeks. At the time of the New Year, I did the old man, then died, at the end of the hospital to make a papers for him to meet this cheek
She sat a wheelchair, remotely looked at me and then sucking up, my youngest name, so I ran again, my youngerow. She kept holding her fist to hunt her hips, why don't you go too long to visit your cheeks, then what time I do ... at that time I was suspected, I was sure to be a bit of up. Then I saw the son of her son standing after a winking, and I could not do it, I didn't say it. Then she cried too much. Brother who led her elsewhile, and her daughter shouted, I sympathized, I sympathized, my house had a lost youngest guy who was lost before 75 so I met who my cheeks were like it was my cheek, He sympathized to ignoring.Tui sounded smoothly, she said anything, and then took out the car, then his son was earlier to follow, talking more closely, that house has 4 children, the youngest child Tui, and he he was big, he was two, six-dozen. At that time, the bomb was bombs, the whole house took each other to go home to Saigon. Up to Saigon, his youngest guy strayed, the whole family searched everywhere. After his brother, he found it, it was dead, people buried it, but watching the picture of the police, it confirmed it, but then didn't dare to give a good cheek, so he decided to secretly Always, look like the youngest guy is lost. I just said that he could coincide, I was also the youngest name, so she cried out with the evil deck. Photo round eyes, saying that coincide with the name of the star. Then after that meal took the phone number. At the near future, the old lady was over, all the time was so young, then cried, left the porridge rice. Mr. Hai Hai has a new electricity, says, I said I asked him to fake the youngest guy, visited her, talking to the fun, then the month I sent him money to café 5 million, kissed. I heard it well, I was yeah, but I didn't take 5 million, helping to help, some money, then from the melecom to visit her, until now every twice, eat a meal , Then she took the phone number, every day called, saying y thinh something, a youngitle of the cheeks, the youngest of his cheeks. Hey, bothered anything two. I don't have money with silver to help anyone, helping a happy old lady at the end of life also considered to help people, don't have any troublesome ... (a new story, Dam Ha Phu, cooperation Fake "Saigon, remember ..." and "small stories of Saigon" ...) according to Hà Phu

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