Suburban Ha Noi Reap Is As Beautiful As A Picture

Hanoi suburban areas these days are as beautiful as a picture. The point in the picture is the image of police officers, militants, young men volunteering, the shoulder of sweaty sweating, eating and supporting farmers to harvest rice. In addition to the joy of the season, the new rice joy, perhaps the more fun with the farmer is the sharpness, the warmth of human love in the pandemic. Hanoi city is entering the harvest of season rice. But this year's crop falls in time when localities in the city are implementing Directive 15, 16 of the Government, many villages and hamlets have to isolate medical

. Therefore, many farmers stand sitting not still because of rice to harvest periods. To support people, police soldiers, militants, young people volunteered to rice harvested co-harvested people. 7 hours more than 6 am, all over the fields in response, Thach That, Phu Xuyen
. . Low colored green coat of police soldiers, militia and young men volunteered. In the crop day painting with the golden color of ripe rice, adding point is the military uniform of the police soldiers, militants and green shirt colors of youths. Do not manage the rain and rain, hard, The police soldiers and militants are ready to roll the fields. Even though the foot of the mud, wet shirt sweaty, but they are still happy to help people in this difficulty. The young people volunteering Thach That district supports farmers to harvest rice. tidy, the achievement of farmers after a season of season. Nguyen Phuong Phuong Thao - Secretary of the Public Security Youth Union of Ben Hoa district said, with the motto "green house more than old", "Help any house, compact That ", from the afternoon of September 18, 10 officials and soldiers of the district police of the district police and the police of Vien An commune quickly came down to help the people harvest rice. The police soldiers are ready to wade field support Farmers harvested with a continuous harvester, so young people volunteered, the militia only had to have a rice in the shore
Then support to take home to the house for people. No only support rice harvesting, Public Security soldiers of Ben Hoa district also support straw collection in the field. The drops of sweat falling on the forehead, soak the army EFFICIENCY AND SHARE EFFICIENCY, CONG HOA DISTRICT DISTRICT also arranges a car to transport sticks to the lane for relatives. Dooply write the name of the owner's name of police soldiers, militants and youth Unforade to unmanned rain and rain, rolls of fields to support farmers to harvest rice farmers are impressive images spread loving between the pandemic. Nguong Nga - Anh Ngoc

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