Success From The ‘adventurous’ Step

Take many places, do many different jobs to live, but then Mr. Le Van Dong in Thon 5, Cam Binh commune, Cam Thuy district has returned to where he was born to settle down. After 2 years of sticking with the model of fertilizing deer and velvet has given his family to stable income. The director of Cam Thuy district farmers visited the model of deer farming of Anh Le Van Dong (outsiders On the right). As far as many young people in the village, with the desire to escape the village bamboo to have a better fake life, he has made many different provinces and cities across the country

. At the mason, a mason, when making a mechanic ..
Whoever hired, he didn't mind hard, afraid of suffering. Ty, further effort to life hard. In his free time, he regularly watched the effective models in agriculture, especially impressed with deer farming models. The idea of returning to his hometown, opening a deer farm with a certain amount of capital always cherished in him. With the will of the desire to get rich right on the land of homeland, through learning on mass media And sightseeing a number of effective deer farming models in many provinces, in 2019, he boldly invested 100 million dong to buy 5 breeding deer deers. When I just handed hands with the model, many comments also talk , I recommend thinking again because too risky. However, before the opposite comments, he did not fluctuate and more determined to successfully implement this model. Dong said: "Deer rearing is considered to be one of the important factors Decide to effectively. The same deer must have a balanced, healthy appearance, fast, straight-back, slender belly, 4-legs and no malformations ". Dong, deer farming has the advantage of being able to raise, easy to care for, rarely getting sick
Sao deer is a familiar animal that lives in a wild environment, so when captive must comply with technical and hygiene requirements to ensure clean, drink clean and clean. Therefore, when the brother's stall builds each box about 3-4 m2, the cemented background, around the iron frame, high enough for deer does not jump over, both ensure the ventilation in the hot season, warm winter. Stables are regularly cleaned up, helping deer grow healthy and prevention. Feed for deer is mainly grass, leaves, corn banana trees, tubers, fruits like potatoes, carrots, corn ... Crowns are small with rice bran.Theo calculations of Mr. Dong, the baby deer raising for more than 6 months old he sells average for 9 million to 10 million VND / 1 female and 10 million to 11 million VND / male. In addition, an average of a deer can produce Velvet from 6 to 8, bringing it much higher than buffalo and cow farming. Except for the cost, each year his family income is about 140 - 150 million VND from the sale of deer velvet and the deer velvet. Dong Nguyen Van Quyen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Cam Binh commune, Cam Thuy district said: Mr. Le Van Dong is The portrait of the commune overcomes difficult to go up. He himself is a pioneer in developing new models with scale and is bringing effective in the commune. In the coming time, the commune will continue to expand this model to many people learn.

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