Success Of 5 Cbiz Beauties: Farmers, Who Are Prestigious Ladies

Some people were born in a poor family but also someone who was a lady of the name of the ethnicity. The last day, the family was very difficult, when she had to roll out of the street and dropped out of school soon. Also because it was too poor that the secretary received a profit as an actor level 3. So when she began to be reputable, she decided to direct me according to the true arts path. Lango pronounced in a poor neighborhood Hoa Lai

. In her year, the family began to appear many times when her mother wanted to support daughter dance despite difficult family conditions, and her father wanted his daughter to focus on learning. Mother divorced, Ton Le followed his mother through this annual life tomorrow. Mom got fired, announced not provide much money, hard life that she had to eat vegetables for days and months no
Trieu Le DinhTrieu statute girl born in an ordinary family in Hebei region. Although it was famous, Trieu Dinh was still casually not hiding anything when talking about his parents' careers: "My parents are all farmers." Tinh Tinh Tinh Van was born in a rich family in the radio Loan and a quarter of the quarter are the whole family by the whole family. Because her father is the owner of an extremely famous restaurant, so from the small fake pegism is often exposed to the big stars such as Thanh Long, Lam Thanh Ha ... the row of the Asia is a sandy, Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Music Association, her mother was Associate Professor of Interesting Vaces. The unexpected thing is that even the famous family of music, she pursues the path of acting.Rachel Pham (General)

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