Successfully Erected Fossils ‘monsters’ Fossils From 160 Million Years Ago

Biologists have excavated and successfully reconstructed the shape of pterodactyloid dinosaurs in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile.0: 00/1: 25 South Dinosaurs Emhorhorhynchine live in Gondwana super 160 million years ago. The University of Chile University of these least dinosaurs was first found in 2009 in the Atacama desert. Recently, biologists have found the remaining pieces of fossils of this "flying monster" and revealing their "terrible" shape. The jelly of the "flying monster" From 160 million years ago, the biologists confirmed that the dinosaurs of the Rhhhhorhynchine group of the Pterosaur (winged lizard)

. This species lives in the ancient continent of Gondwana, Oxford era of Jura late. This dinosaurs belong to the reptiles flying with the "terrible" size with long tails, pointed teeth towards the front and long muzzle. This fossil form represents the first Pterosaur of the Oxford era, this is a very rare and historical specimen
The historical value. The fossils of the flight monster were found earlier in 2009. Jhonatan Alarcon. -Munõz of Chile University and colleagues said: "These dinosaurs of this Pterosaurs may wide up to 1.8-2 m long. The specimen we rebuilt is quite large, comparable to the spin lizard of Rhamphorhynchus. "Biological houses said:" Fossils on dinosaurs found in Chile are dinosaur specimens The longest annuity here and the first specimen of Chi Rhhhhorhynchinae in the Gondwana supercen was discovered. " The study was published in the Acta Palaeontologica Polonica magazine and was interested in many international biologists .Khanh Ha / Sci-News

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