Successfully Organized The First Term Bond Acquisition In Hnx

Hanoi Securities Delical Department (HNX) and State Treasury (State Treasury) has just coordinated to successfully organize the first auction in the acquisition of government bonds (Government bonds) with the term of the KBNN. Taking place on July 13 and implemented on the Term TPCP acquisition system (abbreviated as ABBS system) developed and developed by HNX. At this session, the State Treasury called a bid to 800 billion VND with the purchase term Back to 14 days. There are 5 members involved in price, the total bid volume reached VND 1,150 billion. As a result, the volume of winning bidders reached VND 300 billion with two winners

. Successful bidding has shown the close and effective coordination between HNX and the State Treasury in implementing Circular 107/2020 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance guides the acquisition of bonds with Term Term from the State Temporary State Budget of the State Temporarily. Investing in the debt instrument market, can acquire bonds on the secondary market issued by this organization. Then, the State Treasury has been carried out by the Term Transaction Transactions with Term Term with Commercial Banks Member of the Government TRANCP transaction and selected by the State Treasury
VGBs are accepted by the State Treasury as bonds that are being listed on the Stock Exchange, with the remaining term of no more than 1 year; under the legal ownership of the seller and are allowed to transfer ... the ABBS system allows the implementation of the entire bid opening process, bid offering, bidding, and the calculation of transactions, then the result of the term TPCP will be aggregated with the existing Repos transaction to send to the Vietnam Securities Depository Center (VSD) clearing. The acquisition of bonds of the TPCP is expected to bring the new bond market With the participation of investors, especially the State Treasury, contributing to improving the bond market with new operations, increasing competitiveness in the market, promoting TPCP transactions in the secondary market and supporting bar account for market members.

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