Suddenly A Cool Day, Diep Lam Anh Supports Quynh Thu’s Speech: Who Is Not Loved As A Third Person?

Diep Lam Lam's reaction with a '3rd person' perspective received a lot of people's attention. New here, Linh Sugar posted a close image on Diep Lam Anh, it is worth mentioning that the state of her has The same part of Quynh Thu's spokesman said earlier: "The person who is not loved is a third person." Quickly underneath the article, Diep Lam Anh also left a comment: "Clearly", causing many people Wondering, Diep Lam Anh supports Quynh Thu's third perspective? Before that, when sharing about noise was suspected of dating a lack of Duc Pham - husband Diep Lam Anh, Quynh Thu said this Also quite affected her. However, the actress affirmed that the truth is not like what the online or external community is talking about her: "For me, on a school situation, someone who is not loved is the third person". 1 month, the marriage between Diep Lam Anh and the lack of Duc Pham received the attention of public opinion

. Accordingly, many rumors suggested that Diep Lam Anh divorced her husband of Duc Pham giants. Later, Mr. Diep Lam Anh was announced on the personal page where both were separated from the beginning of 2021
At the moment, the couple was doing the divorce procedures. About Part Diep Lam Anh, former model Get divorce information. Mother Husband Lam Lam Lam has also spoken about the two still not "everyone's way" as information shared on social networks. Diep Lam Lam's mother-in-law also said: "She is Diep Lam Lam's mother. My dog (Diep Lam Anh) is in the family with the grandchildren. Puppy and Germany have never been divorced. In love is all The couple had collided but today still did not divorce. "

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