Suddenly Bringing Rice To Her Husband, I Fell Tears To Listen To My Guardian Talking About Him

I don't care about the kitchen but because the day the holiday is still working so I'm finished to make the rice brought to you.0: 00/2: 42 nam nuoi.I born in a pretty fake family, my parents are evenly There is a stable job, so I don't need to worry about friends like my peers. I studied university, while friends struggled to work more to pay tuition, each month in addition to the tuition fee. Income, my parents also gave me an additional 1 million dong

. Luc graduated from school when friends ran away everywhere to apply for a job, my father asked for me a stable job with a good salary . So everyone said I was happy from the egg. Thinking with those lucks, I would choose a rich guy to get a husband
But somehow I fell in love with a normal family boy and decided to be his wife. The illustration of me, I was 3 years older than my family, so you're small, so I have a little hard. Furthermore, he was an eldest in the family of three brothers, her parents were poor, so he had to help his parents worry for them to learn. Small suburbs. No economic anxiety, so I still hold that the Lady only enjoys enjoying it without thinking about others. On the day, 10 pm I want to eat snails you are also willing to run to buy to my wife. Even the drying and cleaning of the house is also my husband to do it. I went to eat and drink, gathered with the flood of your husband to eat. However, Quang wants to go where to go, I have to finish dinner for me, if I don't go home I will show you how to do it. I just lived for a day
.. That day holidays, my husband Tired but there is a unexpected job at the construction site, so it must still come. The restaurant season has not sold a lot of food, so I can't be cooked with roasted cooking and bringing rice to the construction site for you. Go to the gate to call her husband without listening to the machine so I sent a rice to protect my guard. Seeing me, I defended the construction site told me to advise my husband to do less health, but every day, I would like to stay more shifts for more income. There are days made from morning to night but my husband also asked to stay in the evening to 22h to break. It's going out, the days you call me to go drinking with friends is just a lie, I don't work more The site. I asked why he had to do that, he said he wanted me to be more happy, he wanted to be a solid place for his wife and children. Then he said he would save it to buy a bigger house, the balcony is greater and planted a lot of commissions for me to spare virtual life ... Listen to me to talk here for touching, so far Only living for herself but never cared about what he liked, dreaming about anything. This incident really shocked me to psychology, I decided to change my life's lifestyle, unable to fill my husband. You read Thuy Lan

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