Suddenly Female Preschool Teachers Died When Traveling

When being rescued, the bad young teacher was unfortunately unfortunately in 200:00 to 1: 52 nam nam nam, people were stirred before the sudden death of a female preschool teacher. Accordingly, Zalida Sibgatullina (21 years old) came from Kukmor City, in Kukmorsky Region, Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) began to work with preschool teachers for 2 years. Azalida has a trip to Vyatka River , in Kirov Province (Russia) and the family to relieve work pressure as well as enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on a relative. However, the young teacher suddenly disappeared when she was soaking in the water with the family. Zalida's parents did not see the daughter rush to rescue for help

. Painful, when it was found, the girl was unfortunately died, the reason was determined by suddenly swept into a dangerous water whirlpool. Young children suddenly disappeared when swimming with the family. Saying, before tragedy happened, Zalida posted a video on the personal Instagram page as a "alert" in front of not healing
Under the camera lens, the girl smiled brightly and waved her words goodbye. Zalida attached the caption line: "We will overcome sadness with a smile, we will overcome difficulties with patience," the bad girl couldn't expect it to become "omen "For my unexpected death. The bad girl is unexpected that the waving it becomes" alarm "for his unexpected death. It is known to school, she is colleagues and students Extremely beloved because of the responsibility and ingenuity in approaching the children. A Zalida colleague burst into tears when answering the press: "It's hard to express our sadness in words, that Too big. Zalida Ildarovna gave everyone to see her as a kind person, listening, dynamic, bright, she was a fun girl and always had a goal for the future. We are happy. I was familiar with her, and in our hearts she would forever be a bright sun "day after the horrifying tragedy, her body was buried. Linh Chi / Life

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