Suffering Because Her Husband Adultery But Heavy Shock When He Saw A Hand ‘director’ From Her Mother-in-law

Husband has a boom, but is shocked to know who behind this is to put this. I'm married for 5 years. My marriage life is not very special, basically quite quiet. Until 3 months ago, my husband had many expression of adultery such as: often home late, looking for enough reasons to go overnight, dress up grooming, not giving money to his wife .

.. I was silently Follow and know exactly that husband has outsiders. It was a tall girl, dressed sexy and rich
.. sometimes I intend to plan to catch the couple of the wrong lovers, tossing to the network for all. But, many people The body advises me because of the child who lists, if the husband does not end and the later commitment is not recidiveness, will give him an opportunity. Some people are even frankly saying that they should accept their husbands, they go back to their wives and children ... I'm also down my heart, it's because I think I'm noble to ignore my husband, doubt my husband Still puzzling adultery. This time, he is wiser, more sophisticated. Helpless with her husband, I went to my mother-in-law to have a companion, but my mother-in-law attitude made me more beautiful
My husband cheered her son, and scolded me: "Bad guys? How is it your husband to find out people outside? Try looking at me, there is beautiful, rich, but I don't have a husband like that. Don't live together and divorce. Husband solved, I was unrelated, "said me, I am my husband, I have an aversion to me, so in the past years, she is still warm and her son took me. Therefore, I spent when I swallowed my tears while being spilted by my mother. It until I worked as a good strawberry, giving birth to her, but she still didn't change my attitude to me. I finally knew the truth of my husband's love story. Once, I received the information of my recipient to follow my "enemy love", she drove the car to my husband's house to welcome my mother-in-law to eat, go shopping at luxury centers ... My mother-in-law is very happy to go with her. I came to meet her husband's love to take her face, forbid her to see my husband too. Unlike my thoughts initially, not only that she didn't tremble but also coldly announced my husband was her. I also revealed something that made me leave: "I am my old lover She, we love each other and only temporarily, she is the one who interrupted. Now I took him back. His mother also agreed and arranged for me to see him again, she also promised later This will make a wedding for her son to me after the divorce is done ". She was very confident and I hugged my face, leaving hastily. I didn't expect my mother to stand behind this. Once the wife, the mother like me, so my mother-in-law was fueled for her son with the old lover, just because she was skillful and rich. I have no tears to cry, no And the mind to work and raise children, I saw a lonely lonely of a betrayal. Now, should I be determined to protect your family happiness, to win the husband's plot and her husband's love, or let go of this tearful marriage?

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