Suffering Because The Lovers Are Shamy Plugged In The Horn And The Green Illusion, She Got Online

After the argument with his girlfriend, this guy immediately texted flirting, getting acquainted with other girls.0: 00/3: 15 namanh namanh loves, surely the girl wishes her love boyfriend Thuong, wholeheartedly with me. However, not every boy is serious in affection. Many boys only see love are games, making girls feel miserable. The girl is suffering because the lover shows the horny, and the green illusion is here, in a closed group focusing on love Marriage, a NG user who confided his affectionate story

. It is known that she and the new guy loved each other, very good sides love. But now, she was very sad because she realized that the boyfriend she loved for a long time was not too strong with me. After arguing with a girlfriend, the guy onlineed to get used to and flirted the other girls
(Artwork) However, when I asked about this, the guy only talked to the girls only It is "playing playing, happy" and I still love it honestly. Not only that, he blames N.H.'s behavior. This saw that she felt unjusted, sad and wanted to end this affectionate story. "Everyone for me to ask me. Texting to get acquainted with other girls and indifferent to her lover. Is it called horny horns? When I know about and asking straight, he still insists nothing with the girl and still Love you honily. You blame you that you do that is because you've treated me. I don't let it get horned but just talk to play, happy
Please let me Advice. "The confidences of this user immediately attracted great attention from the network community. Many people think this girl is blinding in love without knowing that his head has grown long horns. Some other users advised her to break up because they only heard over, they felt this guy was not serious about the affection of both. (Screenshot) "Love is funny, no It is certain that it doesn't love it, don't fool yourself anymore. Look at what men do but don't hear people say anything. I deserve a better thing! " Draft commentary. "In addition to that he or she has a bascinal blood, the high ability is that people have not yet punished and seriously identify me, so if they meet any more, it is possible to let go of them. So don't you expect and expect much to this relationship, "said Tea Nguyen users for advice. Brand shows that he doesn't want to consider long-term stories with you on love to love too quickly Story marriage on the third appointment, you might think that he is ready for a long-term relationship. No, the fact that he is getting away from you. He was not mature enough to advance a serious relationship if he was a whole body craving, proved very determined at the beginning but then losing the interest. It still flirted with the other people Certainly there is no serious intention to you. Therefore, he still noticed and flirted with other women normally. You deserve to be better treated. Doesn't introduce you to your friends and relatives who have often met and go out for a few months but he still "forgot" doesn't take you in the same Have fun with your friends or lead you to dinner with his parents. If his mind's mind happens more than once this is no longer an incorrescence, but he is not ready to take you into the world of him.

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