Suggest Effective Tooth Bleaching Method At Home

Owning a bright white teeth, shadowed in addition to giving you beauty and reflecting your health and habitual habits.0: 00/2: 5 South men's day, we always face With the causes of yellow status, dull teeth, ... in life

. Using foods with colored clinging substances such as tech, gas, tea, coffee, cigarettes Although oral hygiene oral cleaning cannot completely lose color stains on teeth. French blank teeth will not be safe if you use wrong ways and don't know about their origin. Currently, teeth bleaching is often applied in dentistry and you can also perform simple tips at home
Teeth with strawberry with a crushed strawberry combined with baking soda or salt. In strawberries contain abundant sources of vitamin C, malic acid and essential minerals for other teeth. With this way, you should apply 2-3 times / week to ensure efficiency. This way helps the condition and quality tooth will be improved gradually, naturally naturally. Illustration. Processing the life of bacteria in the oral cavity, for teeth stronger shiny. Performance: - Clean your mouth with salt water (or water) - Take a part of coconut oil, apply evenly to the tooth surface, rub the surface At the section there are many plaque, yellowing. - Keep coconut oil on your teeth for about 1 hour. Now, you limit the speaking, eating, chewing activities to be able to achieve good performance. - Rinse your mouth with water and make brushed teeth with toothpaste as usual
- Should apply 2 times / week to There are best results. Teeth with a high-demand white teeth on teeth whitening, in the market also appears a lot of stickers with teeth whitening. K hi using this method, you should choose the product inspected, reputable, avoid the products that have not been clearly learned. White teeth are often sold by use cycles, depending on customer needs. Normally, to achieve high efficiency, you should combine with the same type toothpaste to keep the longest usage. Point is that the light white teeth will not long. And if you abuse too much patches, you will accidentally affect the quality of teeth. Good and beautiful

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