Suggest How To Compose White Skin At Home To Be Confident With Beautiful Skin Without Spaces

If you're wondering about the whole white skin incubation, the following article is for you.I also want a bright, smooth white skin but for some reason, your skin is suffering Switching, irregular color. There are a number of common reasons: - Your skin is easy to catch sun: Melanin pigments are produced to prevent skin from aging or burns. And this pigment is the reason why your skin is darkened in black. become rough

. - Do not drink enough water: When provided with enough water, there will be enough collagen to create a tension, bright smooth for the skin and vice versa.- Using poor skin cream products Poor quality: the This product contains many strong active ingredients that will make the skin abrasive, thin and easy to catch the sun, black stenoid. - Hormonal disorder: pregnant women or age, hormone progesterone and estrogen plummeted, tangle Raising the process of regulating melanin causing black skin and lack of elasticity
3 How to compose white skin with a bitter melon (suffering) East of the first day of this type of material to tighten the pores, prevent the formation Pigment of melanin. Performing: - Pressing bitter melon to get water and put it in the freezer's frozen freezing until the eastern stone. Lemon rebar with ratio 2: 3. Use this mixture to apply evenly to the skin, combined with gentle massage to osmotic nutrients slowly and wait for 15-20 minutes and then take a clean cloth. , Wrap the frozen stones from bitter melon and apply to the face and body until the stone dissolves, and relaxed and relaxed. Using tomato juice on the second day and sour combined with fresh milk, honey, powder Oats and tomato juice are a perfect high-speed white leather choice. Data: - 1 tomato juice forced water - 1/2 cup of oatmeal - 250ml fresh milk without sugar - 4 Teaspoon pure honey Performance: - Mix all ingredients together into a sliced mixture. Apply this mixture to the skin after cleaning the cleaner. Includes: - 500ml fresh milk - 20g starch turmeric - 1/4 cup of green bean powder - 5 teaspoons Pure honey Pure performance: - Heat fresh milk until boiling to honey and turmeric stirring . Then give it to the division of 2 parts, let it cool and drink directly 1 part, 2 times / day
- Use 1/4 cup remaining with ¼ cup of green bean powder to make a white bath mixture. Like white bathing at 2 days above. Note: - Need to follow the dosage, way, time as instructed to bring high efficiency. - need to make yourself eating habits, activities, breaks rest models, adding foods rich in vitamins, cream or safe white skin drinks ... Follow and beautiful

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