Summer Has Passed

Now the beginning of July, over the afternoon, the sun is still harsh on the top of the tree. Two people sitting in front of the porch, beside the small lake with the big koi fish swimming around the chase after the foam. The oi space is hot at the end of the day making you uncomfortable as the original feeling when seeing him again.0: 00/5: 14 South - I still be beautiful and younger than you .- Then? - I think, I owe you an apology

. Only an apology. I don't know if I just smiles and the smile makes him a face. Very fast, everything comes back to the summer of that year, summer and everything belongs to it, but you don't want to remember
Yes, sister from TP. Ho Chi Minh City returned to his hometown after graduating from college because his parents did not want the daughter to play in the city. For her parents, she was also a beautiful little girl, momentum, Western school, the kitchen was not used to how to get used to the city full of towns out there. I want to find something to do but my mother said, I just stay in my mother. I don't know you're trying to tell my mother about the first son in her life. Two people met at the University yard in one of the art festival. Her hair and her eyes brought him to meet her to get acquainted. And they couple, like that love was a available arrangement. Before taking him to meet her mother, Ms. billion numb with her mother, about a beautiful first love
Mom only knew him through his daughter's words, but she would have given his loving daughter with a wish, the two loved each other, lived together well. But that is the most difficult stage for you. At that time, everyone wants to find a new way with a better way. After turning together, she gathered all the small assets to be changed to him on a place on the ship to the ship, and he started the years to wait for life to live. Half of the road seemed to have passed when he reported a safe news home, but he didn't know that she also hoped he knew about a child who would be in their lives .... She leaned back in the original body Old, watching the small fish are in the water shadows printed on the water, suddenly von with me the days of a long half-life ahead. He at that time as a shadow of fishpicks and promises also far away. Without news, there was no paper that he reported to pick up his mother, only news he had a new family. She knew what was painful, the pain did not flow tears that his heart seemed to stop beating. Now, when she let go of many things, she felt gentle, no longer angry or hatred but it was hard to forget the pain that people caused themselves. But then there was a hand I raised her to stand up, worry and share with her all kinds of hardship, quietly but very kindly. She accepted a step that adds a step just because of gratitude about the love of love that he brings to her. She followed her husband to settle in France, began a new life again. It was not easy but he had to get along with a hard time, her father raised her, encouraged her to return to school, continue her dreams and let life more leisurely. She was very grateful to him and luckily, he didn't need to say he also understood the warm love in his heart before she couldn't feel it. Such life is also very flat, you have the quiet daily days. She no longer wondered about the past, happily watching her son grew up every day, thanks for being met him as a companion. The person has challenges without anyone who wants to go through. She hadn't yet gave birth to a daughter like he wished he left after an unexpected disease. This unexpected farewell is a loss that she cannot find out what compenses to. at home. Today the grandmother did not answer, he nodded to seem to understand, he avoided his face? I don't tell me for a sound, my grandmother wishes it to visit. It's big, it has your choice. Suddenly she remembered the story of the old year, when she was suffering for children, raising children but their husband's family did not care. That bitter life she didn't want to remember but her son did not forget, it was absolutely no love with his father and family. The old man doesn't understand what just happened in his heart She, he said ungainly things. A few years ago he heard his story, now he lives alone. Or go back together. It turns back to look straight at his face, very surprised. Ten years ago, after her husband died, she suddenly lost inspiration to life. At that time, her parents were old, she arranged everything for me and returned home. For several years, my parents died, handed over to the house with the same memories. Sometimes recalling everything in life with a loss, she feels I have repeated the debt. Since then, she allows me to choose your life

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