Summer … Intense

Under the dazzling sunshine of the summer, you only reveal a part of the flesh that will receive the "catastrophic 'outcome and ... Severe this island.0: 00/0: 59 South Vietnamese comedy pictures This "bad crying" will be the elongual demonstration reminds you not to despite the power of the summer

. The result of the whole summer just goes right a pair of sandals. A few hours. Only on the sun's pants go out on the sun there is one day when the whole house doesn't realize
.. when you fall on the beach and still go to the typical piercing slippers, you like to wear shorts Outdoor courtyard to kick the ball. Has 3 times to protect the sun and still be patchy like that! With this case, it is true that it is true that just hugging the belly laughing, saying nothing now. "I guess the sunscreen will is a better choice ... "forgot to apply sunscreen before boarding the motorbike, and as a result, I have this tan skin I like these tanned lines! Work at the outdoor vaccine clinic and results Not naturally there is a white "tattoo" stand out in Wrist. Just wear a half-hour stand outdoors, so you'll get right a impressive skin. The image of the man throughout the day

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