Summoned Salaries Happy Birthday Of Ba Thuy Diem

Recently, Thuy Diem officially turned around 35. To celebrate the Birthday of Mrs. Xa, Luong The Thanh sent a sweet wishes on the Personal page.0: 00/1: 15 Nam Luong World to spend sweet wishes to her commune. He wrote: "Wish your wife loves happy birthday and a lot of health, beautiful children forever

. This year has been translated too so there is no organization, has never been gathered together as this time , please enjoy the time to relax this way so we love each other, understand each other more. Looking forward to the next year will no longer translate so you can compensate for me this birthday, love a lot Many ". Birthday Ms
Xa commune is in complex epidemics in Ho Chi Minh City, so the finished family is not organized as every year. Even before, he planned to bring his wife and kid to travel on the occasion of the commune's birthday but was unable to do and he hoped to make up for her commune. Sweet photos with Mr. Luong The Thanh commune. Both romantic posing, the romantic in the sea made someone watching anyone to admire and envy. With love actions, interest for small wives and families, salary salary worthy of the name confess "husband's husband". Saudi Luong Thanh and Thuy Diem is one of the most admired couples in the second showbiz. Couple married in 2016 and have her first son in 2018.Cloudy

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