Summoning Nearly 230 Thousand Toyota Camry Because Of Losing Braking Power

The US Traffic Safety Agency said, 227,490 Toyota Camry Sedan cars in 2018 and 2019 are in the middle of a summon because of the risk of loss of brake force: 00: 00/1: 34 Southern Southern National Traffic Management United States National Highway (NHTSA) has just posted recognition of more than 227,490 Toyota Camry because the incident can lead to sudden braking loss.Toyota Camry is one of the best-selling sedan cars in the US. Camry must be produced this time in 2018 and 2019. Agents will repair or replace a free vacuum pump, starting in mid-December. Japanese automaker said the cause of this summon is due to some details inside the worn brake force pump leads to this system inactive

. This is the lid located in the spinning wing in the vacuum pump. This unit appears early astray when the car has a "brakes" or running without loading for a long time, can make the lid stuck between the rotating wing and The pump shell. That pump, the pump will no longer provide vacuum to the brake power to the brake loss of power
This error may cause the brake system to work inefficiently, lose brakes and increase the risk of collision on the road. Even so, Toyota also reassures customers when indicating that even though the brake force pump does not work Brake can still be used .Theo Toyota, will have 227,490 Toyota Camry in the US and 7,302 cars in Canada have to summon this time. However, the problem does not affect the Camry Hybrid line with a lifetime because the Hybrid car does not have a vacuum pump. Currently, there is no information about summoning this line in Southeast Asia or Vietnam. Thuong (T / H)

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