Sung Trees – Advantages Of Detention (sanskrit Is Udumbara)

Fungal trees - Plants Wellish, Asked Who has anyone who sees the prostrate - Sung of the advantage of the receptor, but in the Buddhist scriptures to mention hatching? 0: 00/1: 40 Southern men (photo collectibles), I know, but Advantages - I can only listen to the name, and according to the legend related to Buddhism is - there is a kind of flower named is advantageous, when flowers bloom, all people have a happy and peaceful life but must be 3000 New year has a blossom bloom and does not describe how flowers. There is a seizure on the network on posting images of mushrooms but maybe it's eggs of an ant species of hard wings, with white Growing on both metal, dried or stoned wood and they said it was the prostrate flower - Correct more is very weak is bad in Vietnam newspaper also posted about rod movies - Aragonite crystals .. . However, who wants to write what calls is their rights, as well as I am writing this only because I'm curiosity, I read it: Buddhist scriptures - for Sanskrit men

. In Sanskrit from Udumbara - is a fig tree - the symbol of fullness of the evacuation to evacuate me to know the fig trees, know the leaves with nodules, know how to use plastic and fig. Figs when nine eaten sweet, but green, the grape and salt dots are also edible, now heard that specialty. Information about plants talk about flowers
The flower cluster on the concave flower base, has a male and female flowers, the flower base grows into a sealed bag in the inside, the flower clusters ranked into a beam in the body and branches. Figs, are essential that the floral soles covered flowers, indeed inside, when nine red, perhaps so have not seen ever blooming flowers. I think probably the number 3000 years in the legend is the wish . Because people born everyone wants to be peaceful, the full life ... but due to the bad, the greedy, the cruel is always hidden ... so the human life is only peaceful when the flower blooms ? According to the country of Vinh Bui

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