Sunny Day About Episode 7: The Appearance Of The New Character ‘storm’, The Page Meets The Boy ‘change Austrian’?

Sunny day on episode 7, Khanh's mother-in-law appeared caused 'storm', the page met again after the 'Change Austria' in the company. In the company, 00/1: 32 Southern Sunny Day on episode 7, Trang See the boy "Change Austria" at the company the day before.The sunny day about episode 7, couple Page - Duy has reunited each other again after the "exchange" in the middle of the company. As a job interviewed candidate in the company's company. The boy who came to the last interview

. The page was a little surprised at the face of the interview. Other movements, the appearance of a new new character promises to make the audience inhibit, it is the mother of Germany - husband Khanh. Casual images, dark off side of Mrs
Nga, Ms. Hien - Mother of Khanh Khanh always pants is a turn. As a granny but Ms. Hien never looked after the two children. Meeting Ms. Nga is trying to take the children to go to school, Ms. Hien announced that he scolded the German - Khanh husband and wife, did not know how to take care of their children Put her mind. In response, Ms. Nga said that he was still health, so he could help. Russians are frankly: "My grandchildren, where is it, where to go, where is it?" : "Fortunately, Ms
Thong is only a bunny, but there is no big job, but it's like I'm here ... busy with my face, all the work in the ward, in the gym and then Clubs, many things have to think very well ... ". Listen to the speakers, Ms. Nga rebelled. The appearance of Ms. Hien promises to make the viewer "ie". What will Khanh do to deal with her mother's formidable? Page - Duy will gradually arise emotionally? Sunny day injury on episode 7 will air vtv3 tonight (November 29) .phi khanh

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