Sunny Day About: Van Trang Met Again ‘coffee Guy’ In Extremely Puzzled Circumstances

Episode 7 of 'Sunny Day about' Revealing more than the relationship between Van Khanh's husband - Germany 'curly' as well as debt grace between two couples Van Trang - Duy and Van Van - Dong Phong. Especially 'Coffee Boy' has made Van Trang a surprised area of 9: 00/1: 26 Nam in episode 6 of the sunny day, maybe the Director Makerting Van Trang keeps "coffee boy". Only appear once in front of me and will disappear forever. So she didn't mind what she took the shirt of the stranger that was naturally. New tablet, this guy appeared and was the last person interviewed

. No means to say Van Trang is surprised while still enjoying his face when seeing acquaintances again. Who doubted "the coffee boy" appeared if later Van Trang knew it was not only the heir of the public Hoang Kim Company also has a close relationship with his mother's mother, how will she still be shocked? Vân Vân also has trouble with a student card Sunny on the new episode also reveals more interesting relationships Between Van Van and Dong Phong Cafe owner. While Vân Vân panicked because the exam time came that the student card was still resending the cafe, Dong Phong was extremely calm, even wanting to make her tease to cry
Van Khanh's husband Family clashes of Russians are extremely sad, Ms. Hien - "The most frightening mother-in-law Vietnamese movie" has officially appeared. While Mrs. Nga took me to go to school, Ms. Hien pants pants as a pants, and she was still extremely harsh and mothers. Certainly in the next episodes, Ms. Hien will have many Phen to make the two mother and children live in warmth.

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