Sunny Day Back: Lan Phuong Shows Off The Top Acting In The Scene Too Real

The scene of Van Khanh - Germany 'curly' argues in the episode 9 'Sunny and sunny days' was recognized by the audience to be true. Lan Phuong How in this scene is praised for the words? 0: 00/1: 43 Southern region as the previous episodes of the sunny day to focus much on Van Trang, the focus in episode 9 is the journey Van Khanh's bitter strawberry. The whole daughter of Mrs. Nga can stall with her sisters but in her husband's house, it can't be a warm. Baked serving the festival, only swallowing the Bureau when her husband tries to escape the child

. The peak of bitterness, the body is when Dinh Khanh himself hears the mother-in-law watching her as a maid as a maid for hours. Dau suffering from the mother-in-law, watching Mother of Van Khanh as helped, she discovered her "curly" borrowed Work overtime at the company to hide home to the parents and watch the ball. Even though she was tired, hungry for serving during the festival, there was still nothing to continue to clean up while the husband carefree eating comfortably
Need to wait until home home, Van Khanh's resentment has exploded. She poured all the bitter, warmed to German head "curly". Van Khanh was not only susceptant to himself but also injured an infinite bowel when "which was the 60-year-old woman, served for her daughter, to her son-in-law, serving her grandson, and today The case for both grandmother, then her friends ". The actress image with tangled hair, a pale face full of fatigue after a long day, crying and letting out the words of galvanized liver makes the audience pity to fall in her tears. Many Netizens must recognize this segment too authentic, very similar to the warmth that many strawberries must endure without telling anyone, the more they don't know how to escape the bolts. Certainly with a scary mother-in-law, Van Khanh's memories are still long.

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