Super Classic Barca – Real To Buy A Hearty Goals

True to the nature of a friendly match, both teams play ball with extremely open style and create impromptu moments that make fans feel very excited. The golden legs are Heavy over time but artists are still present in each processor. A lot of the most anticipated names were played at the beginning like Ronaldinho, Rivaldo on the Barcelona side, and Real Madrid took defender Roberto Carlos, midfielder Luis Figo as a counterweight. Tours take place in the excavation Audience and former players play on Bloomfield in Israel. Prime Minister Ronaldinho after years still shows his difference

. The grass magician constantly dancing with the ball made the Bloomfield stands shouted. Roberto Carlos left a free kick from over 30 meters .
. not a table. Photo: CGI. The Brazilian Voice is the most prominent player in the first half, with many dangerous situations of Real Frame. In particular, the ricer "grokes" the impromptu tire from the middle of the yard almost a goal, similar to the most beautiful goal of Euro 2020 by Patrick Schick in the scotland net in the board. He successfully completed a successful penalty kick, bringing the legendary team Barca to 30 minutes of the match.Ronaldinho opened the penalty point. Photo: CGI. Barca's "old friends" overwhelm in the first half, then to the second half (each half of 40 minutes), the wind has reversed. Real scored two goals in less than two minutes (minutes from 42-44), helping "white vultures" to lead 2-1
Those who scored Pedro Munitis and Alfonso Perez respectively. Barca players after many efforts have also leveled the gap thanks to one of their most "young players" of Jofre Mateu this year just rounded 41. The balance of the match lasts only 9 minutes , Ruben de La Red has a class shadow processor, eliminating two enemy's big abdomen players and placing the score gently. General Figo Hao Hoa on the pitch. Photo: Cgi. Fighting with 5 goals is recorded. The Real Madrid legends are the last winner. But in a match, entertainment like this, the results are not so important. Version above all, the most great players in the history of two Western football giants Ban nha has the opportunity to gather, review the anniversaries of the five colors, and together create an attractive spiritual dish to serve the spell.

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