Super Rare Fossil Wood Forest: A Piece Of Buddha Statue Over 2 Billion Dong!

A tropical forest exists 225 million years ago, however, it is then wiped out and formed a very valuable wooden fossil forest. Petrified Forest National Park is located north of Arizona, USA His drought made the trees here grow into clusters and very low. However, at 225 million years ago it used to be a fresh coniferous forest. So far, the greater trees longer than a hundred meters also disappeared. In the 1960s, Americans happened to discover some of the bizarre stones in this deserted land

. The form and pattern of these stones are very similar to the trunk, the smallest piece must have adults New lift. Experts say this is fossil wood formed after a disaster. These wood blocks may have stuck in the ground due to floods
After burying to the ground, they are not decomposed, then after hundreds of millions of years changes, the substances in the ground have replaced the original plant elements and today become fossils. Good in fossils so the yard of the tree is evident. A fossilized buddha-made Buddha statue is equal to hundreds of thousands of dollars (equivalent to over 2 billion VND). Bulk quantity of preserved fossils, Petrified Forest National Park has become One of Arizona's important landmarks in the United States. Fossil or "stone wood" is a type of stone formed from the stems buried underground in the sediment or volcanic sediment. The geological development process has turned wooden trunks into fossils and turns into stone. Fossils are very hard, can be used as a fuel. With big pieces, people can saw out as a table, because it does not have rain or weather causes damage, rotting. Fossils are formed with different colors but most commonly are: Gray, gray white, orange, red, yellow, black brown, black felt .
.. The colors remain together and create a special shades. This wood is hunted by many giants because of a unique beauty. In addition, many people believe that fossils have a lot of meanings of feng shui. This timber is good for health thanks to positive energy for millions of years so it attracts the essence of heaven land. This energy will help the owner with lots of luck, peace and talent. Some rumors also believe that this stone can cure the disease, prolonging the life of the span, but these are unfortunate information, no Facility. You can watch videos: 7 mysterious natural phenomena that causes the most curious. Source: neewst content (t.h)

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