Super Rival Morning Is About To Launch: Cheaper Hyundai Grand I10 To 100 Million, ‘pretty Hall’ Design

Close-up of car model with ambitious direct competition with Kia Morning with cheaper price Hyundai Grand I10 to 100,000,000 VND / 00: 00/1: 46 northern domains Carnewschina recently reported, Ora White Cat Little Wildcat Edition will soon be released with many judgments that the look of the car looks very strong and quite wild. Electric cars ORA White Cat Little Wildcat Edition is based on the ORA White Cat based on 2020 With "heart" is 48 horsepower and 61 horsepower electric motors. The range is 305/360/410 km depending on the battery, the car has a starting price of 71,800 yuan to 88,800 yuan, equivalent to about 253,000,000 VND 313,000,000 VND.ora White Cat Little Wildcat Edition will was included in the front bumper and the rear bumper of modern, pit and sport, in addition, the company is also considering the color scheme between 2 tones including brown and green gold beige with some white . Other morning rangers are 3,621 x 1,660 x 1,620 mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2,490 mm

. Equipped with a wireless phone charger, voice control, recognition information Voice and adaptive journey control.White Cat Little Wildcat Edition will have two types: 48 horsepower / 125 nm with 360 km and 61 horsepower range / 130 nm with 410 km range. Specifications are slightly different from White Cat
Car prices ranged from 79,800 yuan to 88,800 yuan (equivalent to about VND 281,000,000 to VND 313,000,000; The cheapest version of the car was lower than the price of Hyundai Grand I10 in our country about 100,000,000 VND).

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