Super Small Robot Transporting Drugs To Kill Cancer Cells

Chinese scientists have successfully developed 3D printing technology to successfully develop a super small super robot to transport chemotherapy to destination to kill cancer cells.Robot micro transporting drugs to kill cancer cells 3D printing made of hydrogel has a shape like fish, crabs ... with empty compartments to contain drugs, can swim quickly in blood vessels like moving in water

. In the process of manufacturing, scientists have something Adjust the solidity of printed materials in some parts, as when printing crabs or fish mouth, so that it is necessary to close easily according to the change of acidity. Next, the robot is placed in the solution containing iron oxide nanoparticles to increase magnetism. These types of robots carry medicines for nanoparticles, are controlled by magnetic and only release medication when encountering the environment with high pH around cancer tumors
qua test shows, robots swim through the circuits Easy simulation blood, then proceed to cancer cell cluster. Here, there is a solution with a slightly higher acidity. As a result, fish robots open their mouths and spray, kill cancer cells. If it is crabs, the robot is open, the nanoparticles spray towards the tumor to destroy them. Nguyen (translation)

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