Super Suv Lamborghini Urus Hole With Venatus Package

Crossing the German hand, Super SUV Lamborghini Urus has a more pit-out appearance, with a strength to increase 170 horsepower. The most popular super SUV model today, Lamborghini Urus is constantly being selected by the company Customization. Recently, Mansory launched a degree in Urus Venatus with unique paint. The hitting point for this Urus exterior is a dark green shirt that helps highlight some of the aggressive body contours of the SUV. In the past few years, green becomes a colorful tone on supercar models, cars

. In this new version, the Super SUV is equipped with the Venatus kit with a variety of new details, such as the capo cap with carbon.Mansory equipped with the new LAMBORGHINI. Seeing in the back of the car, including splashing wings from the roof, surfing the car trunk and carbon fiber diffuser
Urus also has three exhaust pipes wrapped with yellow accents. The SUV's furniture has been changed according to employer's liking. Almost every interior surface is now perfected with bright yellow leather, including seats, doors, panels, steering wheels, central dashboards. While, the Start / Stop button of the vehicle is transferred Up above, similar to the aircraft style. Venatus models of Mansory are interfering with performance but each version gives different levels. This version uses a similar to the original 4.0L turbocharged V8 engine but produces a capacity of 810 horsepower and 1,050 nm torque. Compared to the original, Urus Venatus is stronger than 170 horsepower. Positioned: Carscoop

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