Support 2 Billion Vnd For Creative Innovation Development Project

In order to continue to achieve the goal of supporting development and acceleration for initialization projects in innovation innovation to access the market to improve products and business models capable of replicating, the Department of Planning and Investment in Ho Chi Minh City declare the program to support development and acceleration for Creative Innovation Innovation Projects (Speedup) .Speedup will support labor, hire experts, outsourced services, raw materials ... for initial projects Creative innovations through incubated organizations, with a maximum support level of VND 2 billion / project, support time shall not exceed 24 months

. SpeedUp is one of 8 programs developed by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology throughout 2021 to celebrate 45 years of establishment units. If 2020, SpeedUp has been selected to support 40 projects, total support funds of the house Water is VND 25.3 billion, reciprocal funding from investment funds is VND 10
3 billion. Many start-up projects are supported through the program that have successfully called capital from investment funds, investors with values increased from 1.5-1.8 times compared to pricing before receiving support. Typical as a TeamUp project received a bought investment fund with a valuation of VND 15 billion, the Schoolbus project successfully called the next period of VND 1.8 billion, the 689 Cloud project called the successful capital from Investors for the next period with a capital of 100,000 USD. Tan Tan

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