Support For Women With Creative Disabilities, Confidently Improve Livelihoods

To remove difficulties for women with disabilities in economic development, improve life. IT University and TT have built training courses equipped with essential knowledge of online business for them. Digital technology application project to increase the efficiency of online business for women with disabilities Meaning and practical effectiveness With the goal of helping 50 disabled women are facing difficulties in online business in the Red River Delta region, the project is implemented in the form online by qualified lecturers expertise, experienced in the field of information technology and digital technology of IT University and TT (Thai Nguyen University). According to the survey results, most women with disabilities are facing a lot Difficulties in work, especially in online sales. Specifically, they do not know how to create content for attractions, do not know the advertising techniques

... at the same time, they are looking forward to training to improve knowledge and skills needed about online business
The training course is held in the form of online, with 5 contents including: building a business strategy and brand development; Building communication content; Develop advertising plans and run advertising on social networks or e-commerce sites; Building fanpage business; Instructions for using business support software to connect with customers ... Each women with disabilities will be supported 1 hour / week / 1 Content. Through this training program, women with disabilities in the Red River Delta will have access and use of digital technology, ready to apply knowledge to develop an online business plan for individuals. From the knowledge and skills learned they could be confident to join online buying and sell forums corresponding to each person's industry and reaching potential customers on the forum. From here, they can improve the efficiency of sales, improve their livelihoods and improve their lives and feelings of students after the Nguyen Thanh Binh course - Member of the Association of Vietnam Association for People with Disabilities , Member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Thai Binh Province, Chairman of Thai Binh Provincial NKT Association affirmed: As one of 50 people directly participating in the training, I have learned many things, especially Is to access and experience useful knowledge about online business. In the time of participating in the course, we have been introduced by trainers and teaching some skills such as: using advertising tools vogue, efficient business exploitation with Google Ads tool, business on Facebook social networking platform, Tiktok new sales trend of e-commerce, business on e-commerce ..
Applying digital technology to increase the efficiency of online business for women with disabilities has really brought practical effects, contributing to helping many investers Weakness in society to develop family economy to step by step stabilize life. Lets. Vu Xuan Nam, Head of Department of Economic Information Systems, IT University and TT (Thai Nguyen University) Share: This is an activity within the framework of the project "Application of digital technology to increase online business efficiency For women with disabilities in the Red River Delta "funded by Canada Fund for Lacal Initiative (CFLI). The program is expected to last 8 months, from September 2021 - 4/2022. The training is equipped with knowledge and skills on online business and digital technology applications for women with disabilities is an extremely project Meaning and profound humanity. The project is implemented for the right purpose, the right object will actually promote the effectiveness, contribute to creating a stable source of income and improves the lives of women with a clear disability.

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