Surprised Before The Young Beauty Of 3 “bad ‘mothers’ Most Fingers’ Movie

Recently, the series of young women 's "bad' mothers 'mothers' in the 'Flavor" are Ba Sa (Thu Thun), Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) and Ba Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) unexpectedly' Dao 'and share widely on social networks. Many viewers appear to be surprised by the beautiful appearance of these female artists. Returning the screen after many years of absence, the prospectology is strongly impressed when incarnates into the Character of Ba Sa The evil in the movie "Flavor" (Photo: FB character) Although it always appears with the appearance of the Chu and the words of American flowers, morality, but it is actually the "old fox" to The daughter can make Hao Mon strawberry, Ms. SA does not come from any tricks

. Even, she also forced her daughter to run in a practical lifestyle without caring about the feelings of the mind of the mind, the truthfulness of NSS Thu Hanh made Ba Sa into one of the characters "stoning "The most movie" hates a bitterness "Ms. SA on the screen, but the viewer cannot deny the beautiful beauty of this young artist now, a short clip synthesizes the photo of the spring of spring NSS Thu Hanh unexpectedly shared shared on social networks Dong island is not exaggerated by the natural beauty and radiance of Thuy Hanh too happy (SN 1976) is currently the head of 1 Drama Theater Internal. The actress has contributed to many "passenger" films such as: when the birds returned, the streets of the ward, secret Eva
.. in real life, Thu Hanh had a peaceful life, happy with her husband and 2 Beautiful daughter with Ms. Sa, Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) in a shallow type of people, ignorance. Because of yourself, Ms. Bich has not slowly pushed the family into a miserable, miserable scene when causing a disaster, Ms. Bich all evaded and poured all responsibility to the South (Phuong Oanh) - the child raised When she was loved, protecting the selfishness, greed from thinking about Mrs. Bich's actions made many audiences "boiling blood", inhibiting the movie, Ms. Bich was associated with the image of the city season
However, in real life, artist Tu Oanh has owned youthful style, modernizing the young artist of the artist that makes the network community not surprised, some people believe that the old man Many similarities with Messages - The famous actress of Hoa Kinh Entertainment Village of age 53, Tu Oanh still maintains radiant appearance and optimistic, fresh spirit. "Now the actress is still very beautiful, only hates Ms. Bich's shoulder" - An audience commented on Thu Phuong (SN 1977) once "muse" prominently on the stage as well as Vietnamese cinema Along with natural acting, emotional rich, Quach Thu Phuong marks the hearts in the audience through the works such as the first time, the beautiful dates, to spend ... "Island" Vietnamese screens Time of Quach Thu PhuongTrong movie "Taste Love", Guo Thu Phuong to assume the role of Ms. Xuan - a woman who is a large, shallow and lack of mature, Ms. Xuan is quite satisfied by the viewer. However, later, the audience turned to hate Ms. Xuan because of the rough intervention in the affection of the son of the Spring is always the trouble of everything in the family. How to behave children and simple thinking, carefree causes this character to receive countless "stone tiles" from the audience (Photo: FB character) Lan Ngoc

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