Surprised With Nature Beauty Giving Valleys In Pakistan

Nature was over-loving when giving Pakistan the gorgeous landscape valleys to make people surprised. Here are some beautiful valleys visitors will not be ignored when coming to Pakistan.1. Jhelumhttps: //dulich.petrotimes

.vn/Thung Jhelum Valley There are many things to provide tourists. The place is full of spectacular natural attractions. Its beauty has attracted many tourists to the valley, also somewhat help Pakistan about the economy
Tourists share that moments in the Jhelum valley are the most precious time in their lives. Among the many attractive tourist destinations in Jhelum, Chamm is one of the most visited tourist destinations. In addition, the valley has a very nice waterfall.https: // Kalashhttps: // Kalash Valley is one of the prides of the history of Pakistani people, located in Chitral County. This valley has a reasonable history of controversy
Kalash is in fact a civilization originating from ancient Greece.https: // Residents here are in civilization named "The Kelash", a tribe Life and with their own civilization as well as their own religion. They live mainly in small villages across hills. People here are very happy, they have a lot of annual anniversary celebrations, such as the Festival of Uchal, Phoo and Chomos.3. SWATTPS Valley: // Swat is a famous valley and attracts tourists by being a resort paradise and is like "Swiss of Pakistan" by cool climate, maple Fresh scenes and snow peaks covered with white winter.https: // Swat Valley Includes many beautiful small villages Charming in shingrai waterfalls flush into the cliff, language Blue Swat River flows through lush fields, pretty villages still preserve pristine identity and beauty. Https: // Last SWAT valley has been famous as a point Go to attraction "hiding" the hot summer sun from the big cities pouring to skiing, vacation, hiking to high mountain villages ... https: // Hunzhttps: // is a majestic valley located in Gllgit, Baltistan, northern Pakistan. This is one of Pakistani's most beautiful valleys with wild nature scenery.HTTTPS: // The majestic mountains around the five beautiful snow covered with pictures are always the top destination when du Pakistan Calendar. Hunza's climate cool in the summer. The maximum temperature in the summer is about 14 degrees C. In July, August, the temperature reached a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius in the center Huza.Https: // Hunza Valley famous The mountains covered with snow and rugged. Many parkistan travelers to see the beauty of the walls of the mountain Rakaposhi, Hunza.https: // Kaghanhps valley: // Valley This is famous for small lakes scattered at the foot of the mountain, which is formed from streams and waterfalls poured down.https: // / Water surface in veo is wallet as a giant mirror. Travelers come here to visit also the opportunity to enjoy the characteristic salmon of local.https: // Kumrathstps Valley: // Kumrat Lung is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Upper Dir County. This is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. The number of tourists visiting the Kumrat Valley every year, is increasing. However, it is still not a major tourist destination.https: // Valley has cool weather, great landscapes and some great freshwater areas. There are also some waterfalls in this beautiful place surprisingly. Huong

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