Surprised With The Antique Cricket Collection ‘has A Unique’ Boy’s 8x

After nearly 20 years of effort, persistence to follow her passion for antiques, Mr. Liu Zhao Tuan Khanh (38, HCMC) has owned collections with 300 handset neck 'unique' that netizens ngang.Chung thought we live in the 21st century - the era of civilization and thrive in engineering, technology, the era of smart phones, smartphone, ipad ..

. up ngoi.The but he Tuan Khanh to choose a particular direction. He goes against the times, return to the past in search of the handset neck, filling the collection "unique" But to enable handset of shares through the period
Photo: NVCC.Nho the grace period with a sharp "brick" to leave, he Khanh told, the day the baby during a ride with you, see your Nokia 8850 phone, you borrow and then squirming removed taken in the discovery itself was "in love" phones when not hay.Ve neck from behind in 2001, his mother bought for 3310. at Nokia phone that he "charm" of the should tinkering phone repair school. From this count that he is determined to follow her passion phones collectibles co.Anh Khanh owns a collection of 300 antique phone. Photo: NVCC.Chinh for phone lovers, after finishing school, he decided to open a shop selling and fixing chua.Cang do, he more passionate with your current job, he found himself with can restored antique phones if they "had been bad" But handset stock is a desire of many people. Photo: NVCC
Anh Khanh share, antique phones for many years was the desire of many people a day have dreamed that he never thought he could buy duoc.De capital raising passion, time first he Khanh navigation make phone warranty for a shop, time to work here, you are exposed to a variety of designs machines, each machine re-tied his own memories plots toddler entered nghe.Chinh so, later on everyone can see the machine has ever touched up, he tries to put together to just filling their collections just keep doing niem.Dong century Nokia phones. Photo: NVCC.Anh Khanh said the handset neck mistakes and failures are often a lot of small errors like corrupt keys, ringing speaker is not working, so the big bugs like broken micco, screen light ... As a phone collector perennial neck, he Khanh constantly learning, inquiring about how to operate, composed of phones stock to "revive" the old phone . "to understand both the hardware and software of the phone when a new restoration not hampered. Workers want faster processing the stock models require knowledge of the machine's operating principles, "he confided bay.Nhung phone Khanh neck not only valuable material but also spiritual values , is where he Khanh stored memories. Photo: NVCC.Anh Khanh said: "The old machine, it has a lot of" junk disease "in need of repair so I began to learn the principle of operation to just be able to" resurrect "the handset neck just to suit passion ".Therefore particular profession, he Khanh also kept a lot of handsets with high value collectibles, some of which was full box and accessories. According to Mr. Khanh, a handset standards of antiques are a still "virgin", ie both screws of the phone has not touched, the paint is still fresh. "There is thus worth gallery of new high-range phone, though the form may not be new, "he Khanh press manh.Ngoai collectibles, his hand Khanh also restored many handset co.Anh Khanh information, he often collectibles portable machine hand from abroad instead of collectibles maker Vietnam. By, for imported models not unlock (unlock) will cover comes with the network logo, the logo will pop up hien.Chinh so, you usually pay attention to quality testing for each line telephone. Thus, the phone in his collection are normal activities almost like new longer, all with full source and phone nang.Bo collections stock with many designs that residents network surprised. Photo: NVCC.Ben edge samples from white-collar black Nokia: 1610, 2110, 3110, 8110 ... until Nokia hereafter as: 3210, 3310, 8210, 8250, 8310 ... He also owns a lot Khanh other old telephone lines must mention the samples include: Samsung Siemens, Ericsson Motorola, line 9 series ... and especially the N series line such as: N70, N72, N73 N75, N71, N91, N90, N93, N92 ... after 22 years of pursuing passion, he Khanh owns a collection of 300 phone co.Sau 22 years of effort, persistence to follow her passion for antiques, he Khanh has filled collection of old telephone its about 300 units, the phones are not only valuable in material but also carries the memories associated with fluctuations in his life Khanh.Anh Khanh special affection for the "brick "her, he favored location for beautiful, the most attractive in the store to showcase collections co.Anh Khanh phone message that:" for

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