Suzhou Asked Mrs. Mai To Sound, Decided To Rob His Spreads From The Sense

The love of the couple 'mai mai codes' moment to stand on the verge of invisible barriers. To save the beautiful love, the meaning of unknowingly face his own mother. Dare to decide to be silk for young people. Because, hiding after that sweet scene is the hidden barriers who are waiting for their affection for their concentration. Ban Nguyet and Mr

. To. Photo: PHPTrong whenever, when she happened to listen to the conversation between her merits and Mr. Moc Cha Minh Lan, Suzhou (Truong Quang Phap) immediately gave birth to her to ask her to come to the house to ask for a wedding
The reason for the sampling of the prosecution to this way is because of a strong fear of "robbing" the daughter that he has tried to remember the thoughtful. . Contrary to the joy of his father, Minh Lan was extremely shocked. It is impossible to let the surface go too far away, spreading hustle to find Suzhou explaining it clearly that she does not agree to get him. Lan Lan straightened the affection of Suzhou. Although he was frankly rejecting Suzhou but in Minh Lan still does not stop insecure. So she rushed to find a sense to express his heart to understanding lovers. Mr. Ngo Nguyet was sessing the poor heart of the poor girl, so she decided to connect the pink silk to them. However, the efforts of the two honors did not bring the results because the red silk they tried to give SOCIALIST AND MINH LAN breaks halfway from halfway
The decision to clear his feelings. Because of her sincerity of the love of the poetry, the meaning of the sense of his mother to give him married Minh Lan. In order to persuade Mother, he promised to tried to sharpen the history to keep up with her experience according to her vow.Thay because approving the requirements of Song Nghia, Mrs. Le was angry and stubbornly catch her right Become a "big lice" person. Her imposition sparked unprecedented conflicts between the two mother and son. The imposition of Ms. Le raised the unprecedented conflict between the two mothers. The audience watched the next movements of the movie story Vietnam Career Part 3 aired at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday on THVL1.

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