Suzuki Suv Uses Turbochargers, Super-saving Gasoline, With Nearly 760 Million Vnd

Suzuki S-Cross 2022 has just launched with a new appearance, increasing safety equipment with a remarkable fuel-saving capability.02: 00/2: 41 south of the United Kingdom, Suzuki S-Cross 2022 Motion Version Price of VND 24,999 (equivalent to VND 758.24 million). The price of the Ultra version is £ 29,799 (VND 903.83 million)

. This SUV began to be sold before the upcoming Christmas.Suzuki S-Cross 2022. About Operation, Suzuki S-Cross 2022 Using a 4-cylinder gasoline engine similar to the same capacity Suzuki Swift combines with 48 volt light hybrid technology
This engine produces a maximum capacity of 127 horsepower, a maximum torque of 235 nm. 6-speed or 6-speed automatic floor gearbox. The previous bridging system is standard equipped, customers also have additional 4-wheel drive all-time all-time options. With the above power, Suzuki S-Cross 2022 takes 9.5 seconds to accelerate from 0- 100 km / h with a pre-drive variant. That number of allgrip drive variant is 10.2 seconds. Maximum speed of 190 km / h. Fuel consumption in a combination of 4.42 liters / 100 km with the floor number, and the automatic number is 4
92 liters / 100 km. The size of Suzuki S-Cross 2022 is 4,300x1 respectively. 785x1,593 mm, 2,600 mm wheelbase. This SUV uses a 17-inch alloy la-zone set. Luggage compartment capacity 430 liters.So with old life, Suzuki S-Cross 2022 possesses more impressive and personality. At the beginning of the car, the raised converture part, the grille is larger, with two cross-plated chrome bars. LED headlights are redesigned. The wheel cavity has a black plastic wrap. The tail does not have any remarkable changes. Inside the cabin cavity, seats use synthetic leather material and fabric. Digital clock clock size 4.2 inches. Motion version uses a 7-inch touch screen, and the Ultra version is 9 inches. Both are compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Some remarkable standards of Suzuki S-Cross 2022 include front seats with heating, automatic air conditioning 2 independent areas, electrical rearview mirrors , Aluminum roof price. Ultra version has additional panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera. Noticeable safety features on Suzuki S-Cross 2022 include front and rear parking sensors, parking cameras and human support technologies Drive like supporting lanes, traffic signs, blind spot monitoring (according to Auto Express)

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