Swans, Ducks Are Free In Urban Areas

At the 'green city' only 14km from Hoan Kiem Lake - Ecopark, thousands of individuals looking for nesting, swans, ducks are free to travel in urban areas ... 0:00 / 1: 38 The southern who once came to Ecopark was impressed with the image of Thien Ngan, the sky between the lake. In the middle of a urban area only about 20 minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake, can admire a giant bird garden - where ducks of heaven, birds

... stroll on the road, naturally play with people like Europe
Birds are located in Swan Lake 50ha. Here, more than 20 black and white swans are taken care of by the Urban Area to Care and Purebred.Theo investor, by the end of last May, two young swans were hampered successfully. Ecopark is a rare urban area in Vietnam to have successfully hatched swan birds. The garden also has thousands of precious birds that live, including many species in red books: ducks, pelicans, cranes, birds Quoc, the puff ... along the walking line of 5 senses along the lake, visitors often caught duck ducks dozens of children running over the road. The Project Management Board said that birds and animals live in a fairly bold urban area due to a habitat near nature. The urban area also focuses on creating a large green space to attract natural birds to live
Ecopark birds on Thien Nga Lake is not only the favorite location of the photographers but also the residents of the urban area. "Many times, ducks of heaven, cranes, white stork hundreds of wings flying across the door," said Nguyen Thuy Linh, a resident of sharing. Ecopark people often see birds walking in the area Urban in the morning or twilight. Residents walking in urban areas also encountered rabbits or grazing orggars to find fruits.

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